Sunday, February 23, 2014

Finally! Something to post!

Or, perhaps I should say "Finally getting around to posting!"

First is a wonderful tile quilt from the recent Road to California quilt show.  This quilt won first place in the Innovative, Wall, Applique category.  "Blast from the Past" was made by Kim Bruny and it consists of all the blocks from my "Lotus" quilt on the cover of Tile Quilt Revival, with an added border.  Kim made her version by using machine applique and covering it with over 3500 crystal embellishments. That is not something I would have done but I love it when people take my designs and run with them and make them their own.

On Valentine's Day I was in the west end of the San Fernando at the Valley Quiltmakers Guild
teaching my workshop on making a tile quilt block. We had fun and had some fun results.  As usual, the blocks are in various states of progress, with some students having started turning under the seam allowances and others in the basting stage.  Also as usual, was the nice variety of fabric choices.

And this week found me in Roseville, near Sacramento, at the Roseville Quilt Guild . First I want to thank Michelle Peerson for her fine hospitality and everyone for putting up with me as I was coming down with a cold.  Hopefully I only passed on an infection for tile quilts and not a cold!

We had a variety of results in the workshop, as always, and a variety of techniques being used and prepared for besides needle-turn applique. First are the "Lotus" blocks.

 I have to say that, being a cat person, I loved this block.  Cats at the movies eating popcorn.  She was going to call it Girls Night Out!

And this student modified the main circle by inserting a smaller circle so that she could use her fairy fabric to focus on just one fairy.

 This student managed to design two blocks with more in mind.

And one more.  Two students were working with the same group of fabrics and both planned to do machine applique.  

 Here's the other one in the Orange Peel pattern.

And here are the rest of the Orange Peel blocks.

Two Orange Peel shapes already appliqued in place on this one.

And the final block in which the student was rethinking her fabric choices but planned on using these.  She also planned to do machine applique so her seam allowances were turned under and pinned in place.