Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tile Quilt Classes

I lectured and taught a workshop at my local guild the end of last month, the Santa Clara Valley Quilt Assn.  We had a great workshop and I wanted to post some pictures of the blocks in progress.
But first, at the Show and Tell portion of the meeting, Mel B. showed the Tile Quilt block she had made from a Starry Orange Peel pattern at a previous workshop at the local quilt shop.  When she finished her block she used it to make a great tote bag.  Here is a picture of the bag with a copy of Tile Quilt Revival conveniently tucked inside.  Mel was new to hand work but she persevered and finished the block by hand.  Thanks, Mel, you did a fantastic job.

And now for some of the photos from the SVCQA workshop.  Most of these photos were taken after the fabric selections were made but before the actual stitching was started to create the grout lines so you have to imagine the lines of background fabric showing between the pieces!  Thanks to you all.  You did a great job and you were so much fun to work with!

This block is an original design.

Carol and I have always said that the tile quilt technique invites interpretation in a great variety of fabrics and these blocks certainly illustrate that with the wonderful choices these students have made.