Friday, May 17, 2013

Fabulous Finished Tile Quilt

I always tell my students to send me pictures but that doesn't happen very often.  And I understand that there are many reasons why that is so.  Therefore, I was really pleased this week when I received the photo of this quilt from Margaret Christensen.

Margaret took the workshop on a very hot day last June at Mt. Tam Quilt Guild in San Rafael.  Here's what Margaret said about her quilt. 

" My plan was to make four blocks, but it became too much fun to stop!  This is by far the brightest, loudest wall hanging I've ever done.  Tonight I plan to share it at our Guild show-n-tell. Didn't even take a year. = ; ^ ).  Thanks for a great class. Want to revisit your book for the other projects."

That last part makes me happy.  I'm so glad that Margaret loved making a tile quilt.  And when I look at her quilt, I can see that she used some of the patterns from the book, but she also redesigned some of the blocks and designed her own!  Just what I want students to do -- make these quilts your own!

Margaret wanted me to be sure to say that Valerie Graf of Black Point Quilts, Novato, machine quilted her quilt.

Great work, Margaret!  Thanks for sending the picture.  I hope it will inspire others.


Saturday, May 11, 2013

Recent happenings

A week or so ago I wrote a post about my visit to the South Bay Quilt Guild with pictures and then I accidentally did some keystroke and the whole thing disappeared and I couldn't retrieve it!  I was so mad I haven't wanted to post but think I'm over it and will try again!  This time I have more to talk about.

So, it was a beautiful day by the blue Pacific last month when I had the pleasure of visiting the South Bay group.  We had a fun class and here are the results of the class. 

The next event just a few days after my trip to beautiful Redondo Beach was the Santa Clara Valley Quilt Association quilt show on April 20-21. I was so proud and pleased to have been chosen one of the Featured Artists this year.  It was so fun to talk to everyone about our books and about needle turn applique!  Here are some pictures of my booth at the show. All the quilts are from our books, except for the two bird quilts at the end but I do have a pattern for the quilt which is called, Birds in a Cherry Tree.  The Happy Houses quilt was a favorite along with the two Tile Quilts on the right.

One exhibit at the show was quilts produced in workshop and I had the pleasure of seeing two results from my workshop on tile quilts.

 This "chicken" quilt is one Lotus pattern block with a border and more applique.  Nice job, Joy!

And this one is a compilation of blocks from several quilts in Tile Quilt Revival.  Not the best photo but a great quilt, Mary!

And, last but not least, I was back in SoCal a week ago at the Santa Monica Quilt Guild, back by the blue Pacific and had some great Mexican food also!  Here's a link to their website showing the class in progress.

And here are some of the blocks a little further along. Mostly Starry Orange Peel blocks this time and all wonderful!  I never cease to be amazed at the variety of fabrics that all seem to work! 

This last block is actually finished!  She chose to fuse her block rather than do needle turn applique.