Tuesday, September 25, 2012

More Workshops

On September 12, I was in Folsom at the Folsom Quilt and Fiber Guild.  What a great guild!  We had a small class and a couple people had to leave early so didn't get too many pictures, but what I got is really super.

All Starry Orange Peel blocks this time and again, a great variety.

Then last week I was at Diablo Valley Quilters, another great guild, and I was happily surprised by a tile quilt made from our book before I ever got there.  Lynn and her sister, made it for another sister, Tessie, who owns a tile shop thinking Tessie would hang it in her shop.  I understand that isn't the case. This is the Lotus quilt from the cover of Tile Quilt Revival in 10'' format and the blocks in a different order.  It is so happy with all the bright flowers and I love the letters in the lower border, forming the name of the quilt, "Tessie's Treasures".  I so seldom see completed tile quilts.  I was really excited and I think this quilt is exceptionally nice.

I hung the quilt on the design wall in the classroom next to my "Lotus" quilt which is in 15'' format partly visible on the left..

Here is a close up of the lower border.

And here is a close up of one of the blocks.

And here are the blocks from the workshop.  First the Lotus blocks.

William Morris fabrics

Australian fabrics

This Lotus block is 10'' and will be fused instead of hand appliqued.

And now two Starry Orange Peel blocks.

What fun!  Two more workshops to do this year.

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