Monday, September 10, 2012

More Workshops

Gads, I'm way behind!  I've been to two great guilds and have great pictures from the workshops that I need to show before heading out tomorrow to Folsom Quilt and Fiber Guild and no doubt collecting photos of more great work.

First of all on August 18, I was beside a lovely pond with ducks and geese outside and lots of tile inside!  The Petaluma Quilt Guild.  Their quilt show was the week before and from the stories they told, it was a great success.

First are the blocks from the Lotus pattern.  Note the first:  All about Elvis!  I love it!  Who knew that Elvis fabric could make a tile quilt!

 Here are more Lotus blocks.  As usual, all very different. and all very beautiful.  Notice that some of the blocks show the applique in progress and the background and grout lines being revealed.

The next block was a redesign in class of the Lotus block made larger and rectangular, rather than square.  In the upper right corner is a fabric being "auditioned" for that spot.

And now for the Starry Orange Peel Blocks.  Several of these blocks were well along the way of having the grout revealed with the pieces appliqued in place.

Great work and a great bunch of quilters.  And, they sent me home with a dozen Petaluma eggs!

Then on August 21, I was at the Friendship Square Quilt Guild in La Habra down in Orange County.

Another great group who produced a great bunch of blocks.

First the Starry Orange Peel blocks

 One Orange Peel appliqued!

And the Lotus Blocks.

This last block is one of the other patterns from the Lotus quilt. 

I never cease to be amazed at the variety of fabrics and how they all seem to work in a Tile Quilt -- including the Elvis fabric!  Keep inspiring me!

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