Sunday, January 22, 2012

Recent Workshops

I've had a couple fun workshops recently with great results.  It is still so interesting to me to see the variety of fabrics the participants bring to work with.  Someone always seems to bring Asian fabrics and since I rarely work with Asian fabrics, I love to see how they work in Tile Quilt blocks.  I think the answer is very well!

The first workshop was at Piecemakers of South Alameda County on 7 January -- the first Saturday of 2012 and a good way to start off the year.  Here are some of the blocks, with Asian fabrics used in the first one.

I'm always pleased when someone has designed their own tile quilt block.  Here is one Cindy S. designed with images that inspire her.

 Cindy's drawing


And her block in the process of fabric selection.

And on January 10th, I was in King City at the Valley Heritage Quilt Guild

Holly C. had designed a block based roughly on the Winding Ways pattern.

Here is her pattern and a computer drawing of how it will look with 4 blocks.


And here is her first block with the fabrics selected and the applique stitching begun in the center. Great fabric choices.  I hope I get to see all of the blocks when finished!

And here are the rest of the blocks from King City with the usual variety of fabric choices for the tile pieces and the background which becomes the grout lines.


Anonymous said...

This was a fun class and my first block turned out so well that now I have three more to work on. So good to have a hand project too. Good teacher!

Bobbi Finley said...

So glad you enjoyed the class. Hooray for tile quilts!