Friday, October 25, 2013

Catching Up, Again!

I have lots of fun blocks to show from two workshops.

First is the Glendale Quilt Guild.  It was fun to be in Glendale.  I was born in Glendale and it was the first quilt guild I joined when I started quilting way back in 1988.  It was the first show I entered.  Fun memories.

Here are the blocks from Glendale.  I have to say that I had a bunch of rebels -- about half the class wanted to use their own methods of applique but 3 or 4 students did use the needle-turn method.  Here are their blocks.  The first two are Starry Orange Peel, the next is a different Lotus block from the book and the next two are the usual Lotus block.  All nicely done.

 This next block was being machine appliqued.

The next two blocks were prepared with starch and ready to be appliqued by machine or hand, followed by another different Lotus block from the book.

This week I was in Arroyo Grande at the Central Coast Quilt Guild.  I love the central coast area and it was great to spend some time there.  On the morning of the workshop, it was very cool, foggy and overcast.  We didn't see the sun until mid-afternoon. A good day to sit and stitch!

Two students chose the Lotus block but very different fabrics!

And the rest of the class chose Starry Orange Peel, again with very different fabric selections.

And one last Starry Orange Peel, my one rebel in this class!  She isn't able to do hand applique so she prepared her block with the starch method and will finish with machine applique.

Thanks everyone for your great work and for the fun time!

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Harrick said...

Hi Bobbi, Your designs are
wonderful!!!! Keep growing and
enjoying what you are doing!
I was delighted to find your web
site and will follow your designs.
I so enjoyed knowing you in Williamsburg and that seems a long time ago.
Take care, Sissy Harrick