Sunday, October 21, 2012

Piece By Piece Quilt Guild

We had a great class yesterday at the Piece By Piece Quilt Guild in Morgan Hill (though we were actually in Gilroy for the workshop!)  Thanks to May and Carol for inviting me.  I think everyone had a good time.  As usual everyone brought a wonderful variety of fabrics. 

I have to apologize in advance for the quality of these photos.  Last weekend I was in San Diego seeing that favorite singer of mine, Alfie Boe from the UK.  I couldn't miss the chance to see him here in California.  Well, I dropped my camera at the theater but it didn't appear to be broken so forgot about it.  I was fortunate to get my picture taken with Alfie after the concert and I did think that it looked a little weird.  Not him, but the picture in general.  Not the best but I was happy to have it and thought maybe it was the lighting or the curtain behind us.

Well, when I started taking pictures of the blocks in the workshop, there were horizontal lines across them all that I couldn't seem to get rid of.  Then I remembered dropping the camera at the theater and how strange the photo taken with Alfie looked.  When I left class I went and bought a new camera.  But, since these are the only photos I have from class, I'll have to use them so please forgive the quality.

First the Lotus blocks:

And the Orange Peel blocks:

And seeing Deb Rowden's "Hot Mama" quilt in the Gallery section of Tile Quilt Revival, one participant drafted a pattern in class to make her own version of Deb's quilt.


As usual, these blocks are all works in progress but soon to be stitched up and finished!

Thanks for a fun day and a great class! 

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