Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Sierra Quilt Guild of Tuolumne County

On Monday, November 14, I had a great time in the Sierra foothills at the Sierra Quilt Guild of Tuolumne County in Sonora.  It was a beautiful autumn day and I got out before the first snow of the year a few days later!  We had a great workshop and I wanted to share the photos of the blocks made in the class.  As usual a great variety of fabrics were used and besides the two block patterns I offer for the workshop, one person used another pattern from the book with Civil War reproduction fabrics. The lecture in the evening introduced the historic tile quilts and I was rewarded with a copy of the Guild's cookbook.  I'm anxious to try some of the recipes!  

These blocks will be great when stitched and the "grout" (background fabric) is revealed between the "tiles".

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