Thursday, July 21, 2011

Friendship's Offering

I was fortunate to live in Williamsburg, Virginia for seven years where this California native was able to experience all the history and treasures of the other coast.  While there, I was happy to be part of a wonderful group of quilters who called themselves The Glory Bee!  Many of the group did wonderful applique and we always did hand work when we got together most Friday mornings.  It is a group with a great range of talents and interests and always a lot of fun, which continues without me!
When I left town in 2009 to return to California, I was overwhelmed when they presented me with a beautiful appliqued quilt top they had made for me.  I was to add the border and finish the quilt. The fabrics in the quilt were all from the first line by Windham Fabrics inspired by Colonial Williamsburg quilts which made the quilt even more special for me.  Each block is signed by the maker and includes personal notes.  On the book in the center block is: "Friendship's Offering to Bobbi Finley/The Glory Bee, Williamsburg, Virginia".  Needless to say this is a treasure.

Here is a picture of all of us with the quilt top at my going away lunch in front of one of our favorite restaurants in Careytown in Richmond.

(l to r) Barbara O, Jane, Jean, Lee, Me, Martha, Barbara G, Elaine and Cindy
July 2009

I am pleased that late last month, I was finally back in Williamsburg and Barbara G. hosted a Glory Bee reunion potluck.  It was so wonderful to see everyone again and I was able to show them my quilt which I had finally finished hand quilting just before I left on the trip. 

Here is Friendship's Offering with (l to r) Barbara, Jane, me, Martha, Lee and Jean.  
These are the ones who made the quilt.  Do we look proud and happy?

And, for the record, here is the rest of the crew:
 Same as above with Elaine added on the left and Cindy kneeling on the floor with Barbara.
 The last two photos, courtesy of Cindy.

Thank you, Glory Bee!

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