Thursday, March 24, 2011

Label Your Quilts

We're always being told to label our quilts. The quilt historians of the future will love us if we do! Heeding that advice, I have generally been in the habit of labeling my quilts. That advice came to nice result lately. In 1990, I made a wall quilt as a gift to my aunt and uncle for their 50th wedding anniversary. Aunt Elizabeth was my mother's sister and my only aunt. And she was a wonderful aunt, even though she lived clear across the country in Florida from me in California. When I did manage to get to Florida for a visit I was always pleased to see the quilt I gave them hanging in the hallway. My aunt passed away several years ago and just last month, my uncle followed her. Recently, I received an email from their son. He and his sister had started to sort through their parents' house and their many collections. He found the label on the back of the quilt which stated who it was for and for what occasion, "given with love and admiration", the date and my name. My cousin reported that he had the quilt and he and his wife are redoing their Will to be sure the quilt stays in the family. So, labeling your quilts is good advice!

The quilt is named Star of the Orient. It was a little tricky to piece the stars.

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